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i dont know how computers work
and i dont know if i have been shooting myself in the foot for the past few years or not

Anyway, I'v had an ssd for a while but its not huge, only 128gigs. I use it for program installs and windows stuff.
All my assets, textures, work etc is saved in another drive, a HDD, because I simply can't afford an SSD big enough, all my assets and projects are over 1TB.

Anyway. To my point, should I actually have me program, like substance for example, installed in the same HDD or in the SSD?
Right now, they are in the SSD, but i notice loading in textures libraries and shit takes a fair bit of time and I can't help but think its cos they are on seperate drives.

Will I see better performance if I start installing my 3d applications on the same drive?
I know, ideally, everytihng would be on SSD but if I could I would. I'm just wondering if its better to have them on the same drive than just have the programs on the SSD..

Pls help
It's such a non-issue that it doesn't matter.
Use the questions or discussions thread next time please.
how is it a non issue?
i dont think the difference would be nelegible

also, i refuse to use the question thread, thats for blendlets
It absolutely would be. You're only loading the shelf into memory once. Really RAM would be more helpful.
It's better to have things spread out over multiple drives. RAID0

ITT: No one knows wtf they're talking about

First off, /g/.

Second off, keep your program on the SSD. HDD takes forever to read and write, so if possible, try and keep references onto the SSD as well
so its not a non issue, you answered my question
i should leave the installs on the SSD and not worry about having them on the same drive as my assets
i didnt wanna go to /g/ and then get a bunch of replies from nerds that dont do at least do similar work
at least asking here im sure people have an answer
and i got one thanks anon

gonna have to just hold out till i can get abigger SSD

Programs on the ssd. Are you using the latest version of the substance softwares as loading has improved. If the project file is on a hdd then of course loading will be longer. I have an m.2 ssd and loading can still take a while in substance if you use big textures or have a big library.

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