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I know it's new but I thought there would be more vids of people making cool shit by now.
I like to watch timelapses and stuff when im bed for ideas. Iv been getting into alchemist but there's virtually no content for it.
It's so easy to use! I thought there would at least be low quality turning photos into materials shit. What's going on lads.
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I used it to create materials out of ground pictures I took at the beach. It's so amazing and easy to use. But I guess people just prefer to create their textures from scratch at home or get them from photoscan libraries.
Alchemist or designer, what's better?
They are not the same
What are they for then
designer is for creating procedural materials from scratch
alchemist is used to turn images into seamless textures, so it has more of a focus on photorealism as people use photos of real things to turn them into seamless textures

so they are similar but for different things

Alchemist is great for textures you create yourself with your own camera. What's great about it is that you don't need super expensive equipment, you can take pictures with your smartphone. Alchemist will take care of removing lighting information and making the picture seamless, among many other things (generating normal maps, height maps, roughness maps).

Substance designer is for creating textures from scratch with noises and patterns.
can you use alchemist for more stylized materials
I'd like to know this too!

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