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From the looks of it, my blender file to me looks fine. And When I export as a .stl is shows up fine. But when I try to preview the print, it shows up hollowed in some parts.
If I do print, will it come out hollowed? or will it be different? How can I change the model so that when printing it comes out right?
File: Capture.png (56 KB, 701x549)
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this is the blender file
Do you have non-manifold geometry?
I do believe I have them, but I'm not quite sure on how to repair it since I am a beginner
What program are you previewing the print under? Usually if it's showing like that, that's how it's reading it so that's how it will print.

For a print like this I would make it all solid, which should be an easy setting to change inside the printing app.

Share the blend file if you like I might be able to help just give it a look over.
I am viewing the preview over MakerBot Print. My blender file is in this link https://gofile.io/?c=uQuOlV if it doesn't work please tell me
Go into edit-mode with nothing selected and search for "non-manifold" in the actions, it will select the parts you need to fix. There's plenty of tutorials online for it.

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