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Is there an online resopository somewhere for the 3D models used to create Japanese Figmas and statues?

It’d be great to inspect leslyzerosix’s models
isn't that the guy who won't even let you watch his past broadcasts? fat chance he'll let you look at his models
There's a kiwi chick who runs a company with her partner and she livestreams all her sculpts and then they livestreams painting them or something. They do good work but I forgot their names.
They both used to work at wetta
Her name was layna lazerrs or something like that she had a gross punk look


This lot.
Yeh. They do good shit. I'm interested in how they paint them.
Airbrush machines, or some high end 3D printer that comes with airbrush.
File: ZBrush_STK6MNFs6G.png (943 KB, 1920x1080)
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943 KB PNG
He gave a few .ztls and renders away for far, far too dirt-cheap during the time he operated a patreon, he'd send over stuff for like five dollars or something. Needless to say he stopped doing that dumb shit and smartly so, but this does mean that if you wanna see how he sculpts, you have to catch his streams and possibly record them over many nights since progress is fairly slow as it generally is with these types of models.

There isn't much to say about the finished products, lesly himself said they were meant to be 3D printed so they're already posed and decimated and all ready for that. I don't think there is much to be gleamed from them, I think it'd be more productive to watch a timelapse of a sculpt instead.
>with a style that combine eastern and western aesthetic

And in the trash it goes

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