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So, I know how to do quite a few things. Modeling, texturing, UV, Unity scripting, rigging, animations.

What I get stuck on though, every time, is how to get started and follow through with a workflow to make a game or even just an interactive demo.

I don't know why I'm like this, maybe too much spoonfeeding of info in college or maybe because I've only done parts of projects for other people. I've never really done a project by myself.

Like here an example I have trouble with.

1. Gather references
2. Model and texture basic character
3. I should rig here, but if my character isn't truly finished and I don't exactly know all the types of animations I'll need then how do I proceed here?

What if I rig the character, then want to alter the outfit? Do I need to reeeee-rig? Is there a way to rig a character then keep the weight painting even if I go back and alter some polys.?

Can you rig a nude model then add clothing and just have the clothing follow the joints without having to weight paint them too?

Fuck I'm dumb and inexperienced.

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