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File: blame-anime.jpg (36 KB, 720x367)
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Recently saw blame on netflix as well as renaissance(starting daniel craig). Not interested in creating high polygon count animation like final fantasy.

What id like to know is what is the best and/or easiest software to get started doing this.
Unironically Blender, because of the 2D grease pencil tool. It would take a herculean amount of effort and pure skill, but you could get something looking like a cross of Blame and Spiderverse. Blender sucks at photorealism anyway.
They used Maya with a proprietary and very expensive NPR render called Meneki.
You could do similar stuff in almost all DCC's but you probably need a proper compositing tool to make this work easier.
This is pure 3D, there are no 2D elements, so grease pencil makes no sense at all.
Blender does not suck at photorealism, there are more than enough renderer available that can do proper photo-realism, its the fucking Blendlets problem, not the actual program that is to blame.
We use it at our studio. It's a shame they don't sell to individuals. It even comes with 2 days on-site training by a certified artist.
If they ever sell to individuals it will be cracked and on the web in under a week, so i understand why they are doing it.
File: notmybest.jpg (39 KB, 551x641)
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Topic is kind of relevant to my interests as well as I'm trying to work on a small visual novel with Renpy.

Well, I'm used to hard surface modeling in Blender, but I hit a wall atm. While I feel confident enough to model or maybe even repaint backgrounds, I need character artwork too. I ruled out drawing for myself, because I just suck and it's nothing I can learn within a few weeks. It would take months or even years - not even talking about all the depression involved.

Meanwhile looking up the few japanese NPR tutorials on youtube require me to have good references (which would involve drawing them yet again) if I don't want to copy an existing character. I began modeling an anime head today, then again I get frustrated, because it looks rather wrong and I can not envision it finished. I was really looking for a shortcut which Vroid could have been, if it wasn't such an unfinished program.

So yeah, long story short. I don't know what I could do to get back on track and actually keep going, rather then getting these bursts of frustration that want to make me quit, because the artwork I envision is not part of my set of skills. pic related.
There are no shortcuts. The only way is through the valley of darkness into the holy land of "having learned and mastered it".
Start small, get bigger.
I swear, the most infuriating thing noob artist say and do is trying to bite more than they can chew, then bitch about how it is so hard.
The reason you fail is because your goals are to unrealistic because your pride and ego is too big.
Swallow your pride and start with something you can actually archive in a short amount of time.

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