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I ve been using daz3d for the past year for 3d but now i feel ready to move into something better i m really bad at sculpting but people told me that maya would be perfect but it s super expensive and the free versions i found aren't that good.

Do you guys have a good link for it or any advice on a good free software to get my hands on animation ?
My english isn t the best so sorry in advance
Maya is free for educational use. You don't even need an academic email address. It will ask you which university you attend, when you will graduate, etc- but you can just lie and make something up, and it will let you download it for free.

If you want to create realistic human characters from scratch, though, you should keep trying to learn zbrush or another sculpting package. Maya has sculpting tools, but nobody uses them. Use Zbrush for sculpting.

The normal workflow is:
>sculpt in zbrush
>create a new, cleaner mesh for the character in Maya, using the sculpt as reference- this is called "retopology"
>rig and animate that mesh in Maya
op here thank you so much for you help anon !! I usually mess around with daz characters for my stuff and use daz primitives for lighting ( @patshuro on instagram shameless plug) so it's nice to change things up !!


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