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So this whole fucking board is now just a huge refuge for blender shills who won't discuss or debate anything unrelated to the donut maker. The majority of users of other softwares have already left because of how insufferable and close minded you are. It's endless shitposting now; there's no way to get a conversation going without some asshole jumping in to advertise his cult.

Well, you've all played yourself, anons: soon this place will be nothing but a small bubble of blendlets who keep convincing each others they are top tier, while the reality is they will forever remain laughably amateur and sadly unemployed. /3/ is one step away from being a safe space for blendlets that's completely oblivious to the actual requirements and good practices of 3D. Some of you are already too delusional to even interact with.

Congratulations on pushing away virtually any sort of viable community where ideas are discussed and projects are shared. All that matters is software. Blindly shame other softwares. Sell out for blender. Follow the guru. Insult anons outside the tribe. Expand the cult.

The cancer took over.
Farewell /3/
Why don't you just participate in a few good threads and ignore the rest like I do? You just created another pointless thread, good job.
Typical standardlet post
Complains about blender but has nothing of substance to say about their own softwares
It's standardlets who jump into every blender post and try shit on it instead of making their own shit.

But let's be honest, the real reason there's so few quality Maya/max/Houdini posts is cos MOST of you standardlets are larpers or students who can't fathom people doing well without forking out a fortune for a fucking hobby
Standardlets btfo again
Stop being such a fucking cry baby, if you dont want to see blender related posts then post something you want to see in the board, start the change instead of complaining for anything.

>>695836 got a point ya know.
>proving OPs point
>Farewell /3/

See you in a week.
good riddance, you're unwanted here.
yep, your kind of asshole, see >>695859

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