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I know zbrush BTFO blender sculpting.

but what makes maya better than blender?

Faggots here keep telling me that maya is better but why?

What makes maya better than blender for making character models and rigs and animations?
Oh boy this will be a really valuable thread again!
It's just better at animation, it simply has more tools to make life easier.
As far as creating characters and rigging, blender does that perfectly fine. Use whatever your more comfortable with.
It has Substance integrated and it's much easier to export into Unity and Unreal.
>As far as creating characters and rigging, blender does that perfectly fine.
Yeah, you don't do much rigging, do you, fucking shitter?
OP, Maya is "better" at animation simply because animators are technically challenged and don't know how to use anything else. Even if it would LITERALLY BE THE SAME THING in any other software, since setting keys and tweaking curves is the same everywhere.
The game changer is rigging, since Maya is apparently the only software that still has non-retarded rigging while nigger software like Blender and Houdini work with "bones" instead of joints. Which is so retarded that it makes me want to kill someone.
And since you can't exactly export an anim rig to any software other than the one it was built in, animators are forced to use Maya. But again, even if they weren't, they really are just technically challenged, just like the guys that wrote the rigging toolkits for Blender and Houdini.
-better rigging tools
-better animation tools
-better hair generation tools(Xgen is lightyears ahead of anything that Blender has)
-better particle creation tools
-better rendering options and tools (light linking for example comes to mind)
- beter compatibility with state of the art plugins(V-ray, Arnold, golaem crowd, etc)
I'm sure there's more but that's just from my experience with both programs.
If Zbrush is 10/10 for sculpting, Blender 2.8 is an 8/10. Perfectly serviceable, and probably the best free alternative other than Mudbox, but that program was last used by a grognard in 300 BC.
Now this is a good post.
Nothing beats the feeling of getting your asshole ravaged by Autodesk's malwa- I mean software management.

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