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Ray tracing isn't a meme but rtx is.
"normies discover things that others used the last 30 years for work, film at 11"
Until there is a decent open RT framework raytracing will be a meme feature for the most part like VR. In 5 years, devs will suddenly start to notice additional gameplay possible with RT and from then on it's gonna be fairly standard.
And why is it 'normies' should know about stuff like that?
What's really facepalm inducing after long years and having become quite technically literate is year after year see the same steady
stream of newcomers spitting field-specific lingo left and right while pretending to be all knowledgeable.

Echoing this or that sentiment about something they heard some guru state in a video and now take any chance they can to assert this one fact they know and believe to be very true.
If I had a cent for every time I overheard some hack teaching a junior with authoritative certainty while being dead wrong I'd have several dollars in the bank by now.

Having an air of superiority about yourself because of niche knowledge in a narrow field is a form douchebaggery to rid yourself of.
all insecure people are like that and you just happen to be on the internet where insecure people like to hang out.
painful to read

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