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I'm making 3D printed models to make molds. I've already printed several models with great success, they are complex closed meshes printed in FDM and hand post processed. Now I wanna level up using SLA and due to the high costs I need to hollow my models making it just a shell of 1 cm to save a lot of volume of material during printing.

I'm not so good with 3D modeling and I'm using blender.

I need to achieve something like solidify modifier, but I need a printable result.

My idea was to copy my mesh, make the copy smaller "ofsetting" it in some way, make this copy a lot less detailed because the original mesh could be between 100k and 200k poligons and I don't need details on the inside, then put the copy inside the original mesh aligning it, adjust the base of the copy to make it protrude outside the base of the original one and then using a bolean operation to obtain my final printable mesh.

I'm stuck to the ofsetting step, can you help me with suggestion, a link for documentation or something? I can't figure out where I could start to solve my problem nor if I'm approasching it in a reasonable way.

Thank you so much!

P.S. The pic is not mine, is just to give an idea of what I need to achieve and why.
Shells are hard. Most artists use Zbrush to hollow very high poly sculpts with masking brushes and its a inconsistent thickness, just good enough to print on a sla. Real engineers use Nurbs booleans to make sure shells have a minimum thickness, but nurbs booleans cant handle complex sculpts, they are for simple shapes.
you should make a hole in the bottom of a closed mesh and then add a solidify. You should also pickup pablo dobarros sculpt branch on graphicall because you need the dynamesh button to fix when solidify intersects itself. This degenerate livestreamed 30 hours of SLA shell waifu modelling, you can probably learn from his technique
What's stopping you from using a low percentage of infill and increasing the wall count if you want the walls stronger?
This guy is insane!
Anyway I solved my problem making a low poly copy and solidifyng it. In this way it's almost perfect. Then I've scupted the inner one a bit to remove intersections. Very fast indeed.

Probably my ignorance in the topic. Looks like I have to study more about SLA then.
See you tomorrow, probably with other questions.


Thanks to much!

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