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Hello, /3/.
This is my second time posting here. I've been lurking around /3/ for almost a year now, and people here generally hate when someone makes a new thread, just to ask a question. Yet, almost no one answers any questions there. In recent times, at least. Why encourage asking questions in the questions thread, when it's dead?

Anyways, my question is;
Is there a way to port SFM models to Blender?
I've been watching this thread, and someone mentioned something about a script that "Redeye" made, but I haven't come across anything like it while searching for it.
I am using Linux, but can switch to Windows if there are Windows specific programs only.


Again, sorry for making this thread and killing another, but the questions thread is dead.
Look up "Cats plugin", it's a Blender addon made for exporting models to VRChat, but it includes importers for many different formats, Source Engine included.
that image guide you posted should work just fine
but for step 3, just use Crowbar to decompile .mdl files then import the .smd files into blender with Blender Source Tools.

from there, delete the valve biped rig. use a rigify armature and apply weights

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