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I do the following in maya
>parent constrain a small sphere to a large sphere
>move them together for a few frames,
>turn off the parent constraint with blending options
>translate the small sphere up a few units
>turn back on the parent constraint
>the small sphere pops back to its original position

how do i fix this, teapots?
>turn off parenting with blending options

What do you mean by this?
The offset between parent and child is saved in a vector attribute on the constraint and isnt affected by the status change so it will preserve it when the constraint is turned back on.
In order for the sphere not to pop you need to update and animate the offset attribute as well. The image attached shows the section in the constraint node that I mean. When you turn the blend value off, press key on that offset window, then move forward to the frame you are starting to blend the constraint back in, press update and key again. Now the sphere should stay in place for when the blend comes back on.
thx anon, it worked
If you parent constrain you can blend it's influence on and off through keyframes

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