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Hi guys, recently I've been doing some casual 3D modelling, for various things, work, home, fun, whatever.

At the moment I'm trying to convert some models from games into 3D files, I just wanted to run my method by people and see if I'm doing things correctly.
So all of these files are in odd formats, usually I'm able to get an .obj or .stl out at the end, but these are generally low poly models which are missing lots of detail (which are textured in). At the moment I am opening these files in Inventor, and drawing up corresponding sketches, essentially just tracing these objects, forming the proper solids and then modelling my own changes. I do this because many of the models are always incomplete and I can easily make changes, and also because I can then produce much higher quality models which can split and actually made into functional parts that can be assembled. My concern is there might be a quicker way to do it, since I always have some simple 3d file as a starting point (presumably turning a mesh into a set of sketches is absurd) or that there is a better way, since a lot of the time I feel like I'm eyeballing things so they line up with the mesh I have. Software recommendations would also be appreciated for this sort of stuff.
No way to extract those textures? If these are PC games, there are tools like Ninja Ripper which can dump textures (and meshes!) from video memory. Like you said, a lot of the detail is in those textures, so they're important if you want to speed this up.
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If you are modeling guns and other mechanical parts...
I have no idea why you are taking models from games.
all I need is "just doing it" No seriously no sketches or anything I prefer to start modeling from my imagination in blender.
Fuck if I need to make a variant of a gun from some game all need is some screen shots who can be angled or not show the total gun I simply model the missing parts from my imagination and make a artists interpretation how these parts look.

for me its on the same level like inserting blocks into slots and anyone who can not do it has mental problems, pic related.

However I will not lie it took me years to just get it and you literally need to ignore 99% of all tutorials and 100% of all blender tutorials who try to teach you modeling methods.

Quick pro tip if the tutorial teaches you tracing you can turn it off. Tracing is basically taking a picture and trying to trace the geometry with the mesh peace by peace.
Cute if you are trying to retopo or make a version for a game however useless for creative creating.

I was thinking about making video tutorials about it, what do you think?
>all I need is "just doing it" No seriously no sketches or anything I prefer to start modelling from my imagination in blender.

just had to add "in blender" didn't you
Blender is special software for special people.
>for special needs people

Dude I added it because its the tool I use, also there is this myth that blender is ultra limited and if you can do it in blender you can do it in everything.
Are you OP? How is your modeling? What are you using?

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