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is making a personal portfolio website even a thing anymore? i post my models in artstation, polycount, the rookies, zbrush central, 3d total and twitter, do i really need a personal website?

please serious answers, im seriously debating if i really need to have one, i dont know if recruiters take those kind of things into account.
if you only post models, don't worry about one but if you work with other mediums, I would consider building up as much things as you can and then posting everything under a website.
Listen, it can't hurt, especially if it looks good.
But, if website design isn't your skillset and I don't see how it would be relevant to a 3D job then it might not be worth your time. A mediocre/cringy looking one might be worse than having none.
Just as long as you got it all in one place and you've got your pieces organized and easy to browse through you're good.
The personal website let's you put it in any way you want it to be but the other websites kind of not.

Also this >>693762.
have a website and a newsletter

stop putting so much effort into other people's platforms
If you have a service that offers a way to just put your images and videos up without any hassle on your part, AND if it's responsive and looks good on mobile too, go for it. More than just showcasing your finished work though, show some Making-Of as well, or your UV Mapping or whatever else proves that you actually did this yourself, and in an appropriate amount of time, too.

Recruiters won't give a shit, Art Directors and Department Directors might though.
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this is what i think im going to do in the end, i mean i could still post my work on social media but linking to the original break downs and whatnot on my website, but this means ill hae to put effort into actually marketing myself... i know i know in the long run its going to be a good move, but im so fucking lazy in regards to that.

>Recruiters won't give a shit, Art Directors and Department Directors might though.
This is still one of my goncers, i mean im going to be dedicating some time to send my portfolio to some places, so one would think its in my best interest to have a personal website, but i just dont know if recruiters just dont give a shit and dont even take into account the dedication to presenting self, or they just care about social presence.
Chances are, if you're a good artist, you'll at least be able to make a decent rendition for a website.Then throw a good friend a couple bucks to put the puzzle pieces together.

Pablo Picasso is an abysmal artist, yet people salivate over his poorly drawn scribbles. It doesn't matter if you're "good". There's a chance somebody will see the beauty in a pile of shit. Or on the other hand;
>wow he used to be really shit but he never gave up, persevered through the hard times and is now shitting out masterpiece after masterpiece
As much as I hate picasso, he wasn't really that shit at drawing, he just choose that shitty "style" to go with. His early art is just the regular art of someone who actually knows form, light and all that, and it's completely normal and fine.

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