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just a reminder that all the best effects made in this was done by blender

>you can do stuff in Blender

wow, amazing
kill yourself 3dsmaxfag
File: 1553926137504.png (444 KB, 638x329)
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another cringe blendlet thread
File: lobeyesitis.jpg (27 KB, 640x474)
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Did you actually watch this? Because their edits look like garbage. I don't care what software they used, their results are shit.
Who fucking cares though?
I use Blender, but I don't have the constant need to jerk my e-peen over a program.
It's fucking software, not your god damn identity. All it's for is getting a job done. Just like any other tool.
Be proud of your work and skill, not what other people are capable of doing with the same tool. Or even worse, just being proud about using one tool over the other.
File: PRwUl.png (355 KB, 1336x1106)
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just a reminder that all the effects made in this was done by microsoft paint
He should have turned up the samples.
You do it better then.
>implying someone in this board got actual talent

I'm a blender user and I fucking hate blendlets like you. How can you be so insecure, with that constant need to shove the software down everyone's throats.

also I love the Corridor guys but this video is pure clickbait, what they did is fucking basic and pretty much After Effects 101
Corridor guys are the biggest faggots ever.
Especially when they think they have some sort of leg up on people in the industry and can pretend to be real "VFX Artists" for their shitty reaction videos.
>what they did is fucking basic and pretty much After Effects 101
Who cares, I went straight to the edited footage and had a good laugh.
yeah I can agree that they're pretty much on videocopilot-levels and pretend to be hot shots, but the movies they analyze and some people they bring on board are somewhat interesting.. anyway, to each is own
Some of their actual work is alright for a quick laugh, but I would never consider them anything above "Youtube levels". So it's super funny they think they're some hot shot pros, and even funnier that people think so.
I just found them to be super obnoxious when they're talking about shit (was watching a making of video). Like "lol XD" levels of stupidity. They're insufferable, so I've pretty much written them off. I'm sure there was decent info and stuff in there, but I couldn't bother with it with them diverting off every 2 seconds to say some random shit that had nothing to do with the video, or do some "IT'S FOAAAAAMMM" levels of faggotry.
Hey, dont mean to people
It's a faleflag you shitter. This is someone that doesn't even use 3d software pretending to be a Blenderist so they can get (You)s.

I'm sure this is all one person anyway; it might even be me, Bob Arctor
That's obvious.
I just put that out there as a means to put other Blendlets in their place.
I'm just tired of seeing people jerk themselves off because they use Open source and shit like that. It doesn't matter. It's buyer's regret, but they didn't buy anything. They have to type that shit out so they feel justified because they're using something perceived as inferior.

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