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Found some cool Luigi's Mansion key designs on thingiverse.

I'm no 3d modeller, just like dicking around with my 3d printer.

Anyone know if it'd be possible to model a padlock to print that would fit the keys?

Hi Roy, it's best to maintain a level of anonymity while posting here as it's a part of the board, and website's, general practices.

Otherwise, I would be happy to model you such a thing for a reasonable price, here's an email I use for such dealings, I can show you my most recent work alongside my portfolio. I also spent my high school years working in a machine shop, so I am more than acquainted with CNC and 3d printers. Hope to hear from you soon.


Bump for ol Roy

Also, what kind of printer are you using?

No disrespect to the anon looking to make a few bucks buy, maybe look for a model online that you can scale to the size you want. The best answer is to tinker with SketchUp, Fusion 360, or any of the many free design software available. Make a basic boring square padlock with a slot. Round the edges. Throw in some designs on it with templates. Scale up a model you like and put in a basic rectangle on it. Try, experiment, and learn before paying someone else to do the work for you. Unless of course that's what you want to do, but the learning is part of the fun!

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