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>Be me
>Go to local water park w/ rides and etc
>Forced to bring adhd cousin that yells at random people
>In line for a ride in front of group of girls around my age, one is pretty cute
>cousin turns around and says that I like one of them
>he makes fun of them
>I apologise for him many times but they say it’s fine and we go on the ride
>he calls them bitches as we leave
>similar scenarios transpire after we meet in different ride lines
>ffw to end of day when cousin and I go on elevated pedal bikes that go around the park
>we see them leaving and say bye and sorry once more
>cute one asks for my insta
>I tell her and we both leave
>mfw she never adds me
Let me guess. Your using clover and forgot to change the board.
Introduce your cousin to Blender. This will give him plenty of opportunity to express his anger.
Tips hat
bugger off, namefag
nobody cares about your shit
lmao thought I was on /b/ for a second

Max chads don't have these problems.
A thread for for this but lmao anon.
How much of a blind bigger can you be?
Its okays anon. You'll find someone better.
Your cousin will fit perfectly here, he already behaves like all the fucking retards in this board.
tfw you're too ugly to be a retard who only posts selfies on his insta
Your cousin was trying to help you get your dick wet but you were too autistic to realize that.
In fact you were on /b/lender all along
File: EveryDayPortrait.jpg (155 KB, 612x816)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
BASED cousin keeping the bitches at bay

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