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Im aiming to get into 3d printed minis, to be precise i want to sell historical reconstructions
of weapons, armor, clothes etc that are printable by majority of SLA printers (i have no idea if they can do 32 mm scale on DLP with any reasonable quality).

Should i sell them individualy or in packs?

What would be considered viable product?

Should i bother with texturing objects if its intended use is not a game asset?

Should i burn my pc and kill myself?

Any input/advice welcome, pic related
I have a 3D printer and personally with my career don't want to spend time on modeling minis, but I like the idea of them individually but the problem I find with that is the price is a lot higher. Packs seem like a better deal for buyer but not everything would be something I would be interested in. I guess it wasnt a lot of help but just what I've seen.

You cant texture a model that will be printed. I suppose it would be good for presentation though.
>You cant texture a model that will be printed.
What do you mean by that? Because if you mean to say that you can't print textures that is incorrect, there are printers that do that

Ya I see they have come on a bit. It's still mostly flat colors tho right.

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