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been following this tutorial and its been pretty good, episode 4 now and i havent been held up anywhere until now


im super stumped and i think the issue is just an unchecked box somewhere but im new to rigging so i dont even know where to start

so as you can see in this episode hes covering animating, now the first thing he does at 1min is moves the leg IK controller, which mine does fine, then he rotates it, mine rotates fine, but then he moves the hip and the foot touches the ground, but mine doesnt

see pic relacted, when i move the hip down, the good doesnt go down with it, it stays locked in the position that i moved the leg IK controller to
i cant figure out what causes this, like its not parented properly but like i said im new to rigging so i dont know if i should be looking at the feet bones, the leg ik, the what i dunno pls help
consider being friendly as a thread died for this
so its def to do with the leg IK controller but still cant figure out what, if i delete it, then the hips can control the feet position no problem
i hope no one helps you (me)

>Blender for animation.
Are the fundementals not all the same?

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