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A mouse won't make you a better artist but it can speed up your work flow. I need a new mouse and want suggestions. I've been using a simple two button/scroll wheel mouse from 2001 and have been needing something that has a side button at the very least.
Side button has proven useful in lieu of using the shift button, though I wouldn't say it's really cut down on time though, just feels easier now. One of the biggest time-cost cutting measures I've done as of late is just figure out my shots and the palette I want to work with first. You'd be surprised what a good study in color theory and material arrangement will do for you. I used to waste so much time in the actual coloring and color composition portion of my designs.
I like using a side button as the middle. This way I never have to move any finger from its corresponding button, and I divide the work among three instead of only two fingers.

My mouse has a second side button but I have never bothered to give it a use. Three is enough for me.
OP here. I wanted to map some buttons to thing like ctrl-z (useful for 2d art as well) and maybe extrusion and frequently used things like that. maybe mapping the buttons to side top and fromt views would be nice as well. at the very least, a mapped undo button would be nice.

Logitech G700. 4 buttons on the side and you can do different profiles for apps in software. They have an mmo one with like 9 buttons as well but I think that's overkill.
250.00 for a mouse???
My Logitech g602 is a decent setup for cad work, I'd imagine it's be as useful for modeling. 6 side buttons but they're pretty comfortable and easy to tell apart unlike the overkill 9 or 12 buttons on mmo mice. Plus it's wireless and only $40, yet still plenty fast that playing fps games I can't tell it hurting my gameplay (but I'm trash, ymmv)
been using a razer naga for about 5 years. its been durable, its zippy with high sensitivity and the laser works on almost any surface, and its light.

all that put together means its fast and lightweight, which after putting an 8 hour day on it, means it doesnt feel like its getting in the way or making your hand tired. it is also a very forward grip as opposed to a more relaxed grip with your hand further back on the mouse. wired, to reduce input lag

it has the 9 side buttons but i dont use them

Where are you looking lol.
I had one and the scroll wheel died on me after about a year.
I'd scroll up and it would jump around and scroll down, and the inverse when I scrolled down.
All the buttons on the side were super useful, but I can't work without a wheel.

Been looking at getting a 3d mouse. I've seen the pro version of the spacemouse being sold on ebay for like $90.
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as good as mapping loads of buttons to mouse sounds, in practise it will never be more efficient then learning hotkeys as a mouse is only RH and keyboard in LH provides WAAAY more functionality and dosnt waste loads of time in custom setups.

I've played around with a few configs over the years including gaming mouses, number pad mapping & 3d mouses but I find nothing is actually better than a kensington pro fit mouse - 2 top buttons, scroll+click wheel, 2 side buttons with extra button on top.

its cheap, ergonomic = effective

works perfectly with Xmouse overlay for mapping different functions in different applications - super useful and free

also use a Logi silent mouse at home great for for quiet clicking but honestly prefer the pro fit ergnomics and has lasted +4y atm

you're on the right track tho anon even a simple upgrade like two side buttons will make a world of difference in speed
File: 81Gepr-sTpL._SX466_.jpg (15 KB, 466x363)
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G600 my negroes. You have 12 buttons on the side plus a "shift" key at your pinky give yourself 12 more. You can map macros to each key for multiple commands with a single button press.

Best purchase I ever made, plus they are CHEAP and more functional compared to the other "3D mice" for 3D modelers
I disagree, the gains made by not having to take your hand off your mouse is worth the set up time.

I'm an autist though that did a keyboard heat map to see my most used commands though so hue hue hue
Have you tried a 3D mouse? I use a SpaceNavigator (www.3dconnexion.com)
op here that looks really cool, but in practice how easy is it to use that? that many buttons looks like it might be overkill, and my main concern is not being able to tell what key is what with so many so close. what 12 commands do you use for them? not attacking you, just curious.
Not that guy, but honestly that many isn't all that confusing. Muscle memory makes it pretty easy to use. The real problem is remembering what some of them do. Some you'll use all the time, but some are situational.
You'd still be able to tell pretty easy which buttons are which though.

I don't remember which were which, but some of the commands I used were
General operations stuff (Ctrl-Z,C,V)
View changes (Front, left, right...)
View manips so I don't have to hold alt, or alt+shift or whatever else to orbit, dolly, pan
3d shit like loop cuts or extrude
Mode switching (Verts, Faces, Edges)

Stuff like that. Not all of it really has to do with 3d, but all of them were pretty useful to have on command. Just make sure to take breaks often with it because it's easy to tire yourself out or get sore with a mouse like this.
Really it goes for any mouse. You should be taking breaks and using good posture regardless. It doesn't seem to really matter all that much when you're not hurting, but when you are and you've caused damage you'd wish you did all of that.
Kind of like helmets, it's super faggy, but you'd be wishing you wore one when your head is split open on the pavement.
Side buttons are a killer if you are not accustomed to them. I have a new Rival 100 and am constantly hitting the thumb button. Side thumb buttons do not lend themselves well to the claw grip I have.. trying to retrain myself but RRUAAAHHWWWRRRGHGLPLPLP

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