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File: XISMO2.png (217 KB, 1600x881)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
I modeled this Piranha flower in XISMO and I see great potential in this free 3D modeling software.
Especially for people who want a free alternative that resembles more the Maya way of doing things.
You can get it here > http://mqdl.jpn.org/dw/doku.php?id=download (15.76MB)
Right-click moves the camera
Middle-click pans the view
Mouse wheel to zoom
If you hold the Right-click and press Left-click and move the mouse up and down while holding both buttons you can zoom too
Shift+ press and hold middle-click and move the mouse up and down to change the focal length
File: XISMO2.png (149 KB, 1600x881)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
When you Create(C) primitives you create Nodes(N), to start editing you have to Polygonize it.
You can start editing too by clicking in the icon showed in the pic
File: XISMO2.png (115 KB, 1600x881)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
After you polygonize it you can right click on the node and choose modifiers.
All nodes and modifiers are stacked like layers in GIMP, you can click and drag them and rearrange them as you wish.
Only the visible modifiers are applied, like the merge visible in GIMP.
You can select more than one node with CTRL+click or SHIFT+click.
To apply the modifiers (in XISMO you Freeze) just click that cube like icon
Thanks OP, nice share. Looks like a native OpenSubdiv modeler. Very promising.

It's free but not open-source, right? I wonder what their business model is. I'd love for this to grow; I believe there is a market for a focused modeling app without all the bell-and-whistles of full DCC suites.
File: O4MeBVhy.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
maya student is a free maya alternative
File: 1549710263922.jpg (62 KB, 633x758)
62 KB
Not with the Maya bullshit again. I use Houdini, all I want is a good modeler without bloat. PLEASE.
15mb download, and no registration/login shit... That's a great start already.

The program itself is even intuitive and well layed out. I will use this for my modeling for sure. Thanks OP.
LMAO Xismolets thinking this is better than the industry standard.
"Standard" fanatics never bring anything to the table. They just add -let to anything and shit all over threads.
You fuckers must be really frustrated sad piles of misery.
It's certainly better than Blender, at least performance-wise.
How.dose thos compare to rocket3f?
File: trash.jpg (42 KB, 700x479)
42 KB
"Windows 7 is not supported"

>it's not even a UWP app
>it doesn't use DX12 or some Windows 10 exclusive feature
>it's a regular Qt5 C++ application
>actually go through the trouble of having it run on Windows 7 to display a splash screen and a custom popup which says it doesn't run on Windows 7
This is interesting, but I'm not sure it's necessarily a good tool to learn. Modo is usually the go-to for someone who wants modelling-focused software. If free is essential, Blender is now great for modelling too (even those who hate the overall DCC seem to praise the mesh tools now).
>Blender is now great for modelling too
kek, I don't know where you could have heard this.
Just my impression of the general consensus. Anecdotally it seems on par with Modo to me, but I'm not a professional.
Download the 205 version.

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