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File: blair-armitage-tifa-mid04.jpg (314 KB, 1920x1164)
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so after a while of digging i finally managed to find Pic Related model online and downloaded it. the problem is that playing with the model is going to take a lot of research and getting good at 3d modeling. the other thing is that the model i got seems to be missing specific make-up assets that you can see in the image and in other videos of the model. is it a trick of light filters or is the model file corrupted.

also will share model
She did some overpainting in photoshop.

if you look as the youtube video, yes its not as done up BUT is still better than the marmoset model. how do i fix it?

Marmoset viewer compresses the fuck out of textures. A 4k texture gets compressed to 2k. You wont get the kind of fidelity you get in the main toolbag which the model is being shown in, in that video.
anybody got the files? I had them but i think i deleted it on accident.

If someone doesn't put them I'm I will do it tomorrow. I am furiously downloading e-hentai archives at the mo.
please do my dude, i'm looking but I cant find it :(
This is a piece of shit model. Does not even look like her, just some random asian cosplayer woman. Make a new one I guess and put this one in the trash where it belongs.

Post your Tifa.

Disqualified if no cowtits.
File: cowtits.png (784 KB, 1080x1080)
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784 KB PNG
Not him, but here you go.
itty bitty titties
thanks dude
File: eyelash_a.jpg (196 KB, 1024x1024)
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The noesis plugin isn't perfect. Some models have fucked up geo and sometimes missing various texture maps. Good news is you can find the missing textures in chrome dev tools. For example this is an eyelash alpha I only found in chrome

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