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Hey i'm starting to get into low poly modelling, and I've seen a lot of really talented artists use individual polygons to add extra detail (such as in the attached picture, the trailing ribbon is just a textured strip of polygons). However, i'm not sure how to do this properly, and when I try this effect they are usually only shaded on one side. How do I go about this correctly?

Depends on the program. It's usually the 2 sided or backface culling option.
Listen here motherfucker. You come to this place and spouten' your big words and wanting to talk video games.

The fuck, man?
Yeah i'm using 3ds Max 2009, the docs are pretty shit for learning anything, so I've been looking for time capsule tutorial vids like this one
To be honest it doesn't seem like the software has evolved much over the past decade besides more shit slathered on top and more instability. I used to try to use 2012 when I was trying to get into it years ago but it crashed every 20 minutes. 2009 is fantastic, stable and uncluttered. I've been using Wings 3D for a while, but I started back using 3ds because i'm determined to learn to animate, and blender is a whole 'nother animal. Anyways, thanks for the info, Ill see if I can find out how 3ds handles it.

I'm just new to modelling and needed some advice, whats the big idea?
Jesus christ are people develloping games for Nokia flip phones? A character model can be more than 50 poly you know...

Do yourself a favor and never touch 3ds, even Blender is a better option at this point.
>even Blender is a better option at this point
You sound like a Mac fanboy who prefers the 1984 Macintosh over a 2018 PC, because dogma. By all means, keep using a decade old piece of trash.
Yeah I've tried Blender enough times to know to steer clear, are there any other alternatives? 3ds is considered the standard for game dev and animation as far as I know, besides Maya.

>By all means, keep using a decade old piece of trash
New doesn't mean better, in fact its worse with retarded indian code monkeys shitting out less reliable software every day. I'd use 10 year old software that works before i'd touch the new hotness with 10000 features useless to a hobbyist and a bi-hourly mandated reset.
>I'd use 10 year old software that works before i'd touch the new hotness with 10000 features useless to a hobbyist and a bi-hourly mandated reset.
You have the right mindset. Stick with Max. Its true it hasn't been updated in a while but who cares? Other programs still haven't been able to match its modelling workflow.
File: cigs.png (17 KB, 419x761)
17 KB
Anyways here's what i'm working on right now, thought i'd take a crack at modelling a prop for a game i'm working on. I have an idea to just start the cigs as a box, and extrude down empty space instead of spamming cylinders, since they're octagonal and the arrangement is symmetrical.
Also you can see what I mean about the polygons, they're not backface culled but the lighting is borked.
File: max screenshot.png (122 KB, 924x909)
122 KB
122 KB PNG

2sided in material editor.
Thank you!
Consider learning the fundamentals, your lack of core knowledge is going to keep holding you back.
I intend to

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