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File: alliknowispain.jpg (37 KB, 765x439)
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Hey /3/,

I've been wanting to share this experience since I graduated college 7 months ago. Also story thread of bad experiences working with others on projects.

>Be me
>College senior, graduating a semester early
>Degree program for animation and games, fairly open ended
>Focused on 3D modeling and surfacing
>Taking only 3 project based classes last semester because college credits
>Seniors in their last semester required to do an independent project relevant to what they are interested in(like a thesis)
>Second class I take is about textures/surfacing
>Last class is one that's meant to emulate a professional pipeline
>Students must work together to deliver an animated short at the end of the semester
>First time they are offering this class ever
>Is similar to another more established course at the school, except that one utilizes more traditional animation, this one is meant specifically to use motion capture
>Apply to both beforehand
>Don't get into other class, but get into this one
>Whatever, portfolio work is portfolio work
>Class of around 15 students
>Already knew one person that knows their shit
>Professor is a very sweet Japanese woman with a heavy accent
>We spend the first day going around with introductions and assigning project roles
>The majority of the class is Sophomores
>Uh oh
>No problem, we can make it work if we cover our bases
>We have 6 animators
>This is a MoCap project
>One person is a programmer specializing in MoCap software
>Has literally no skill set for an animation production
>She contributes next to nothing over the entire semester, doesn't answer messages about her assigned tasks, half the time doesn't even show up to class when we're working
>More than a few others are similarly unskilled
>I am the ONLY ONE with 3D modeling and texturing skills beyond the most basic level
>Oh God oh fuck
File: OhGodWhy.jpg (75 KB, 558x559)
75 KB
I learned later that this class was nearly cancelled until the last minute because of a lack of applicants. They essentially let everyone in that applied.

>Appointed job of Art Director and Lead Modeler
>Need to supervise 7-8 people in making environment props that have never touched the extrude button or a UDIM in their lives
>I'm modeling/texturing the two characters and the more major props myself
>Knew this one girl from my freshman dorms
>She's a military brat, sorely lacking in social skills
>Very enthusiastic in getting to work, but stubborn and has no idea what the fuck she is doing most of the time
>Call her M
>Assign her to make a cash register
>Our entire project uses Maya, as does most of the courses in this program
>She absolutely INSISTS on using 3ds Max, claiming she knows it much better
>No other class at this school uses 3ds Max ever
>She sends pic related to me in a progress update

There's more I can talk about, but I don't want to type all of it out if nobody gives a shit. I'll post more if people want it.
Holy shit, that model is terrible even for students on the first week of modelling.

This is like day 1 workshop of "intro to 3d modelling" where you just learn move/scale/rotate primitives

Is this because she wouldn't fuck you.
You passed, right? How can one pass in a situation like that?
Waiting on the next chapter... Surely that based nip teacher knew exactly what she was dealing with?
Holy shit this is agonizing. Post more.
Yes, and in this situation OP was the shining light and did no wrong at all. It was everyone else's fault it was a disaster, not his.
Also she wouldn't fuck him.
you fucked up by going to a university for this shit /thread
File: 1543756149559.jpg (5 KB, 282x147)
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Keep speaking you prik, i want to know if she suked you penus
File: LessEdges.jpg (44 KB, 629x602)
44 KB
Yeah, she was also a senior, but I'm fairly certain she never really specialized in anything production-wise. She was technically in a "management" role for the project but since I was the only asshole who could model we had to put more people on props. IIRC she wanted to be a teacher.

She sent me pic related after I said it didn't need all of those edges.(It was a random background prop so it wasn't super important.

Coincidentally I was in a similar situation with her freshman year. The school does a mock pre-production club that would work on proposals sent in by students. Hers was accepted. Went to the club once, was put solely in charge of art for "architecture and technology" for the like 8 distinct countries while 6-7 people signed up to do characters. Never went back after that day lol.


Nah, I had a gf at the time. Plus she has a 5/10 face and acts like a 45 y/o kindergarten teacher.


Yeah, I did. Grades weren't based entirely on the final product, thank Christ. We did regular peer reviews and individual check-ins with the prof every 2 or 3 weeks.


She's the nicest woman ever. She was there to teach us some MoCap techniques and initially how to use/rent the capture lab and general oversight on our progress. She brought us cookies near the end of the semester.


>Yes, and in this situation OP was the shining light and did no wrong at all

Nah, I steadily gave less and less shits as the semester went on because I was working on my independent project(which is required to graduate) at the same time as this project class. I definitely could've done a lot better in giving feedback because I didn't want to hurt feelings on stuff given to me.


Eh, maybe. I knew going in it was a "it's what you make of it" kind of degree. My father also had veteran benefits so it paid for much of my tuition.
File: jedifallenorder.jpg (10 KB, 336x381)
10 KB
None of this will be 100% in chronological order because some stuff was happening at once and this was over seven months ago, but I'll try my best.

Roll call:
>Me, senior, modeler and art director
>K, senior, damn good rigger, did internship at AAA studio, fell into role of project manager
>J, senior, lighting expert, also decent with modeling and VFX
>M, senior, generalist, quick to work but stubborn
>A, sophomore, generalist, knew my dad
>W, sophomore, Au's friend, did final video editing, file management and script
>P, sophomore, cinnamon roll who learned how to model really fast and made tons of props despite not knowing anything at the start of the semester
>Ab, sophomore(?), main animator, did animations outside of the mocap(hands, props, eyes, etc.)
>Fro, junior(?), chill dude, giant afro, honestly didn't know what he was doing there, helped with script and other supplemental stuff like data capture and live action acting
>V, sophomore, storyboard artist, animator
>C, sophomore(?), didn't talk much, made some props and updated the process book
>G, script, data cleaning, live action filming

>The mocap team finished capturing
>Need a few people to clean the data up to be usable
>One person is H(that programmer I mentioned earlier)
>She's assigned some data to clean
>Week goes by
>Rigger(call them Ka) asks in the discord if H has finished cleaning
>No answer
>Wait until class
>She isn't there
>Halfway through next week
>"Hey sorry guys, I was busy with other assignments and tests"
>Hands in her data
>Its worthless
>K's face when
>This was the last thing H contributed
File: panic.jpg (29 KB, 536x536)
29 KB
>2/3 through the semester
>Our short will have a quick live action portion before the actual animation
>We have basic playblasts of all of our scenes
>Comp them together for an idea of how long the finished short will be
>At the start of the semester we were shooting for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes
>In class watching the early cut
>It's 4 1/2 fucking minutos bros
>the live action part is only 50 seconds

>Since I'm working on the characters most of the time, I need to oversee others working on models and textures for much of the environment props
>Establish more painterly, stylized appearance as the short's overall look
>W isn't working on anything atm, asks for the character model so he can experiment with some shaders he found
>This is relevant later
>Because there was a lot of modeling to do, textures didn't get done until the last half of the semester
>To cut down on some work we decide to do procedural shaders on most of the smaller props
>Larger stuff, like walls and furniture, would have painted textures
>Go to check in on Au and W
>"Hey, how are the wall textures coming?"
>shows me assets with photorealistic textures he found somewhere on google images
>"I thought we were using procedurals and painted stuff?"
>"We showed them to J and he said he liked them."
>J is not in charge of art style or surfacing work, I am
>Ask J about it
>"Yeah, I didn't say I liked the realistic textures better specifically. They just asked if they looked good and I said yea since we're so busy I said yes to whatever textures they made."
File: pingu.jpg (20 KB, 646x376)
20 KB
>W comes to me under two weeks before project is due to be finished
>He tells me that the chain mail texture on the main character doesn't really look good
>Turns out the "experimenting" he was doing with the character model involved replacing all of the textures I painted with photorealistic substance shaders he found around the internet
>I showed everyone the finished character weeks before and he said nothing until now
>Au is backing him up, saying his chain mail looks better
>Maybe so, but I don't feel comfortable yoinking some shmuck's shaders for our class project
>It clashes with all of the background textures
>On top of that, this is a big chunk of what I've spent my time working on this semester
>W also has no texture experience
>Argue with them for a bit before leaving
>Talk with J and K about it, they sympathize with me.
>W and Au say people in the project should vote on it
>They pick their textures because they're obviously professional grade and "muh realistic chain mail"
File: 3-collab.jpg (396 KB, 1920x1080)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Never ever
I'm sorry OP that you had to go through that crap. Will those schmucks ever make it?
File: 1510194927191.gif (8 KB, 645x773)
8 KB
might as well

>Be me
>decide to go on the 'no-college' route and learn 3D on my on
>get to a level that is between mediocre and good, but know the software really well
>meanwhile, get good at graphic design- a necessity because every 3D artists needs graphic design skills
>apply for jobs (6 months ago)
>no jerbs, just silly companies that do revshare
>do some freelance here and there
>decide that fuck it, imma make my own stuff
>'always wanted to make a documentary or a short film'
>got to the point where i can make my own film
>don't need the jews for film funding, i can do 100$k worth of work on my own
>don't need a bunch of hipsters with cameras running around, or do the editing for me
>all of this because of /3/ supporting me and autism+boredom
this CANT be real
Honestly, most of the people there were competent and willing to coordinate. The main issue was that we had a grab bag of skillsets and a lot of sophomores who haven't really done many of that kind of project yet.
Good job anon. I'm proud of you.
For my own sanity during those 4 months I wish it wasn't.
Did you tell her to add more polygons?
It's fine anon, here are the potential outcomes for you

1. You will get sick of stagnating, get the drive to get extremely good, grind, then land a job you're proud of
2. Suck it up and take one of those crappy low tier jobs, leverage it to network and start taking freelance work or move to a studio job
3. Finish your project, stick a fork in it, then (1) or (2)
4. Finish your project, find it fulfilling enough or get social media acclaim to keep working solo, start to make money off your own stuff / freelancing

Sounds like money's not an issue so if you keep practicing and improving you will make it.
>Rigger(call them Ka)
You zoomers really need to stop this bullshit. It's impossible to take anything you say seriously.
I don't give a fuck whether some boomer with a scythe ready to fall down their neck cares or not about what I say. Just so you know.
Sorry, Xir, zhe just doesn't understand :)
Be awesome - Paws in the air! ¨\(^u^ )/¨
>with a scythe ready to fall down their neck
is English your second or third language?
File: retardposting.jpg (28 KB, 926x202)
28 KB

I mean I could've just as likely have put she, but I typed "she" 20 times already when I was talking about the other tards. Plus I'm trying to keep it ambiguous.


Don't impersonate me, zoomer.
Is there anywhere we would be able to watch the end result of this project?

I have the "final" cut but desu I do not feel proud of it at all. Plus I'll basically dox myself if I post it.
File: cupchad.jpg (267 KB, 1234x569)
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267 KB JPG
I started raking up money to fund my game, as well as practicing animation and learning game dev on the side. I'll eventually do a game jam with a few people to practice, but when I do, what are some golden rules when working with others? I see many indie games fail due to poor cooperation and issues with finding the right devs online; how did the successful game creators find good partners to work with?
Screenshot the worst parts
File: screenie1.jpg (62 KB, 1198x674)
62 KB
File: screenie2.jpg (77 KB, 1197x671)
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File: screenie3.jpg (74 KB, 1197x674)
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File: screenie4.jpg (83 KB, 1197x673)
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Looks goofy but charming imo
Thanks. The only thing I'm still miffed about is my textures were completely replaced on the main character last minute.

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