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Drawfag here. I just had wrist surgery and it's going to be a while before i can draw again so i thought i'd use this time to branch out. I've dabbled in 3d before but that was years ago. I'm looking for a 3d modelling program that's easy to operate using only a mouse
>A thread died
zbrush, there's a lengthy 45 day trial you can download

>Had wrist surgery and wants to use a mouse.
Do you only have one hand, anon? I can use a mouse with my right hand but i can't draw for shit with it
Thanks anon
You're going to give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome if you try to use ZBrush with a mouse.

Modeling (sculpting included) typically requires to use the keyboard a fair amount. It'll perhaps go against your recovery to try this sort of thing.
Good to know, anon, thanks. Just to clarify, i'd be using my non surgery hand for modelling. Any recommendations for a 3d modeller that works well with just a mouse? Or does it not matter?
Use Blender
He said he had wrist surgery not mental retardation.
All of them practically need you to have a few keys close by while you model with the mouse. Modo and Maya may be good to minimize keyboard usage, but you can't really do without it. Definitely stay away from Blender, it's keyboard-heavy. And, just in case, don't even think of pirating Modo or anything Foundry-made. Maya is fine and free for education use.
PS. Now that I think of it, you don't need to limit yourself to polygonal modeling. Another option can be procedural material design, with Substance Designer. You mostly use the mouse there. Give this a look: https://academy.substance3d.com/courses/Creating-your-first-Substance-material/
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It's possible to not use the other hand for the keyboard altogether if you use something like pic related. Razer is gay as fuck, but having a mouse with all those hotkeys has been actually pretty useful. They're programmable, and can do combinations as well. The program is pretty much bloatware though. I imagine there's other brands that make similar mice though so you could check those out.

As for stuff that you wouldn't be able to fit on the mouse. I think the software allows you to have different sets of hotkeys that you can toggle between. Blender also has a quick menu that you could add pretty much any operation to, even modifiers and shit. Just map that to the mouse, and then assign whatever to the quick menu, and you just added a shit ton more functionality to the mouse. Other programs won't have the quick menu, but you can still use the different keysets and just do it all that way.

Just make sure to take breaks often with that mouse.
Cheers anons, much appreciated
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Acting retarded in the internet isnt funny anymore...
only because you are a crusty old boomer
He should be making renders of crummy pokemon creatures.

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