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I can't pay for the full version, but Core got my attention and I was thinking of getting it later this year, although I'm afraid it will be too limited for me.

Is there any demo, torrent or something so I can test it?
If youre a student try studica or journeyed for discounted rates. Also the zbrush summit offers the best deal around 40% off I believe. Its a one time purchase kind of software thats always provided free updates. Not trying to shill it or anything but if you dont buy now its just going to keep getting more expensive. I dont know a lot about the differences between the two.

Yeah, the fact that future upgrades are free is something that makes the it worth its price, but it's still a lot of money where I live and I'm not doing professional work yet

From what I've seen, something like 3DCoat or Blender would fill Core limitations nicely, but I'm after a hands on experience to see it for myself
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>the fact that future upgrades are free
I already expected them to have the right to do this, but has it happened before?
No, but they added that clause with the release of ZBrush 2019. It remains to be seen how they'll act.

It's crap don't bother. No polypaint export. No goz. Limited poly counts. No Ao. No project details. No Booleans. No edge creasing. No document size for different resolutions. In every conceivable workflow it would be inferior. Just pirate the real deal until you can afford it.
Hmm I'll keep my eye on that, another pro for Core, at least in my case, since it's cheaper

Well, I do that kind of stuff in other apps anyways (except for detail projection)
I can't really sculpt so I picked it up last year. It came bundled with that one Wacom tablet. I still ain't really used it, but I do know a company called digital raster sells a plugin that works with core. It changed the interface to work more like maya.

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