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A user pointed out the lines are jaggy and full of "artifacts"- I said bullshit maybe you are all ignorant as fuck. Then I tested it on a Samsung U32E850R screen and indeed looks like shit. See for yourself. make sure u download it first
So this uznfinished render represents WARM VIBES. ok DA. Whate are ur opinon on the contest semi-finals? I hate them all.years ago I entered contests too, seems like all of them are rigged from the start and the good entries are always elimianted.
Yea it's pretty shit.
Of course a poly image like that will have jpeg artifacts. If he blurred it, it wouldn't look the same. That being said he should have subdivided some of those discs more.
'Competition' that is dependent on a panel to decide the victor is always unpure, the more subjective the performance the worse it gets.

Even so having art contests is fine, the event will spur creativity and provide an initial audience for the entries.
Long as you recognize it's all bullshit and about networking and shamelessly plugging yourself go ahead and participate to your hearts extent.
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Agreed!!!! I just found it funny how incompetant was the staff was to chose a a bad quality render that not only lacks anythin summer related but looks shit at the same time.
Whatever the cause of jpg artifacts this is a horibble artwork.the artist claims he see no errors on this one!! I feel sorry for other artists who had legit good entries adn worked their ass off. Meanwhile turd like this becomes semifinal. good thing is i am terminaly ill and will die soon,

See you on the flip side frendo.

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