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I am a coder and I started studying coding couse I wanted to learn how to make videogame
Now I ve been studying coding and telecomunication for 5 years and yet I can't make shit in unreal engine nor make anything decent in blender
Where is possible to learn how to use them so that I may start my dream of becoming a game maker?
Possibly without spending any money as I have a ton of time but not much money
(Yes I already did the basic tutorials of unreal on youtube)
I was surprised there was no unreal engine general
based retard
>A thread died for this
/3/ is for shitpost about Blender mostly, I think Unity and Unreal belong to /vg/ they have /agdg/ Amateur Game Development General there, 3d printing belong to /diy/

Register on cgpeers and look for digital tutors unreal. Nobody has ever made a comprehensive how to make a game in unreal or anything for that matter tutorial tho.
Start with Unity op. Not that the engine is any better (Unreal is more common for bigger projects for good reason) but Unity has the tremendous advantage of having a huge community and being very easy to get into. Countless tutorials, and any issue you might have will bring up pages upon pages of google search results discussing various solutions.

Start with Unity for now. Brackeys on youtube. Gogogo. You can make an endless runner within a few hours.
>Register on cgpeers
Yeah, okay... but how?
Excuse me?
1st get a small job (bking, cotton picker, idk)
2nd i can lend you my acc (It Will be killed by our 4chin frens because this fegs are annoying)
Do you want the pass?

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