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>literally can't filet this
>unending "calculating"
it did all the others fine but just because of the line to the right, it can't figure out what to do... fucking hell I was planning to drop Fusion360 for this but if this (the trial of v3) is an indication of the full product, I guess it's a lot less dependable than I hoped for it to be.
>r this but if this (the trial of v3) is
That model looks symmetrical, just cut that bitch in two and mirror it.
or cut a chunk out and array it.
it's an array of 5, and it's not easily cut and mirrored the way it's oriented, but that is not even the issue, the issue is that every other program can do that filet just fine.
im new to moi3d, but i havent found many people that use is to ask this, do you do all the chanfers at the end for the rendering phase or do you do a rounded edge render like in modo with a shader?
>like in modo with a shader
you never do something like this in CAD. you do actual filets
what if you want to use the model in game engine?
then you create two versions, one with filtets and one without, and then you bake the high-poly filet version onto a cleaned and optimized low-poly version without the filets.
yeah i tried that long path before, its easier to boxmodel it from scratch, the reason i ask is because im searching for pipeline to take models from moi and get normal bakes while keeping it low polycount and tight.

i have tried this before with some level of success;
>model in moi3d
>export triangulated mesh
>make autouvs
>bake normal in modo with special round edge shader
>open in substance and bake everything from normal from modo
still maybe to many steps in pipeline so i ask around for better one.
>>bake normal in modo with special round edge shader
>>open in substance and bake everything from normal from modo
this is very retarded, not all filets are so tiny they don't contribute to the overall shape, but then I don't know wtf you're modeling.

Either way, if you leave filets as last and just export the model before and after your small fillets with different density triangulated mesh, and auto-uv, then you'd be fine to use xnormal or substance.
ok, thanks for advice, ill try that workflow again, maybe i did something wrong because normals always come out messed up.
>because normals always come out messed up.
go on polycount and look up guides for baking normals.

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