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How do I into blender? and how do I out to cryengine?

I'm the sound guy, since the concept artist and lead programmer is a right twat stoner and I've literally been through all the major engines and settled on cryengine bc it's not unreal I'm going to need to pick up 8 years of development hell.

hopefully we can have SOMETHING to throw at Xbox Scarlet by the end of 2020.

I don't care if my models look like goddamn virtua cop I need to learn how to render models or we're never going to make any money if we outsource everything to pooinloos like the concept artist wants to.
You're way deeper in development hell than you think you are if you're asking /3/ for help.

It's done anon, you're not gonna make it, cut your losses and move on.
A good place to start:

But I made all this garbage weeb music for a game that should have came out on the PS3.

Im not going down until I end up Dukenuked.
You sound like a mouthrbeathing retard, so I'm going to say that you'll never figure it out. Get a real job and let more competent people figure out the hard stuff.
Put it in a portfolio, pay the $250 or whatever it is to get your game greenlit on steam, list the game in your resume as a game you "shipped", explain that the people running the project sunk it but you did your job.

Then use that portfolio and a link to the failed game to get yourself a paying job in the industry, develop relevant contacts, try again with people that aren't ultra amateurs
I am so glad I'm not you.

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