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What should I do if the only thing I want to do is 3D animation for game deving (amateur) and don't want to be bothered by any excessive other stuff?
I already watched a shit ton of theoretical stuff (12 principles of animation & The Animator Survival's Kit). Now the only two things I need are practice and informations (softwares, plugins, methods, resources, anything) on how to be concise as fuck regarding this.

A year ago I learned the basics of Maya AND Blender but didn't keep up with the updates so I don't know jack shit about anything anymore. I also already know I should git gud at rigging first.
There is just a really big disconnect between how much effort you're willing to put in and what you want to do.

Even becoming shitty-tier competent at what you're setting out to do is a longer journey than the one you sound willing to make.
Ask yourself if you really want this and is willing to put down the years it'll take you or give up.

Til you change your attitude and stop looking for shortcuts you're not gonna move forward.

Also you did not learn the basics a year ago because the basics hasn't changed since the 90's, stop bullshitting yourself.
>game deving (amateur)
If Jagex could get away with this, think of all the possibilities.
I think you should give up
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>A year ago I learned the basics of Maya AND Blender but didn't keep up with the updates
Programs don't change that much in a year you facking ignoramus.
>Programs don't change that much in a year
Blender does. Sucks to be an industryfag, eh?
you literally made no point
ok but muh blender

No need, blender has it all. But if you need more than everything, blender has a plugin for everything else.
Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYj6e-72RDs
Everything you need is right here.

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