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Hello /3/, it’s divegrass season again.

Our last run was pretty exciting, even though we fell just short of the title, but we made an impressive showing, especially on what /3/ is all about : 3D models, winning best overall aesthetics and WIP winning best new model (for the second time). Unfortunately the days of good looking /3/ are behind us as the cup has moved to PES18 which gutted aesthetics in general, and /3/ in particular. The root of the issue is the complete removal of an option that the team used heavily : custom models that could use the kit texture and change with it. 9 out of 23 players from Winter use it, and they’re the best of our models (notably the shitposter, WIP, Jiggle Physics). There are three ways to go about it now:

- Either use the PES kit and loose what made the players really unique
- Make custom models with their own texture, with the risk of making the team visually disjointed
- Make custom models that all use a texture that matches the kit color, locking the team into a single kit (most likely the orange Blender kit, because least likely to clash with other teams’ kits)

Then there’s the issue of the poly limit, the exploit to get full body models in the game comes with the caveat of a poly limit in the ballpark of 5k tris for anything from the neck down (the head itself has a 17k tri limit). That means a lot of models will have to be decimated with unpredictable results. There’s also the possibility of embracing the low poly future and making the whole team purposefully looking like it came from a N64 game.

Here's a poll to sort these questions:


Otherwise on roster matters I was thinking in putting No YOUR program sucks as medal, replacing >Blender who would go in the defensive line with his BFFs 3DSMax and Maya, if you have other ideas don't hesitate to list them.
Oops forgot the links about what is the team and the cup for new people

Did u all know that that logo is from a Catalonian television?
Jo ho sé.

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