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Anyone know any good blender tutorial series?
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how can he be so heartless...killing a thread like its nothing!
The donut one
> good blender tutorial series
All of them will be outdated in July with the 2.81 release
Does anyone know how to get a video reference plane to play as you scrub through the timeline?
I find courses on cgcookies very informative.
I'd have to recommend these guys. Personally can't stand BlenderGuru but he does have some decent tutorials, too.


Curtis Holt:

Remington Graphics:

Since this is a shitty thread; what does Blender excel at? Is it just a jack of all trades software?
It seems like it. Modelling, sculpting, texturing, screenshotting, animation, and game-making are all things I know it can be used to do.

The game engine is ass. I havent seen a single good game come out of it.

Something to keep in mind with blender is that it's meant to make a bunch of stuff more accessible. It isn't the best at anything, but it's good enough to make good stuff.
Exactly this, especially the anime girl one. It's good.
Is the HeavyPoly layout config a good place to learn Blender?

Or should I learn it as is?
I recommend you start with the default layout, because all the tutorials are using that, and in fact potentially even download a standalone version from before 2.8 if you're using an older but good tutorial (for example the The Cliff Tower series).

Once you get through the fundamentals and have a pretty good understanding of the basics, then you can do stuff like change the UI, change keybinds, us other addons, etc.
I don't have an opinion on HeavyPoly (as compared to say the layout that one asshole uses and sells as part of his "free" tutorials), only that if you're an absolute beginner it's a mistake to memorize the layout and techniques for a specific person's UI customization if you're still closely following other people's tutorials.
Once you get beyond "How do I scale things?" into the intermediate stage of "How do I make better sculpting brushes", you'll be able to mentally compensate for differences between your UI and the one being used in a tutorial
Are this posts the equivalent of "a Smash thread died for this" from /v/?

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