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Need CC, working on this for quite some time.

Quite happy with the effects, just need to see what to improve to make this better.
there's a /wip/ thread, m8.

tone down blurry glow thing. it looks awful. cheap early 00s photoshop nastiness. add noise to it as well.

composition on the bottom right is particularly weak.

if you put the top two side by side and i saw it from a distance i wouldn't be able to tell they were two different products.
I didnt think of postin there thank you, sorry for creating new thread then.

Also thanks for some of the feedback. The glow is just shadow catcher, as the file has transparent bg, but I understand what you mean.

Yeah, Im not happy with that either but I cant really come up with any good idea, how do you show Avocado's?

Best Regards
If you made a variation in the almonds argon it would improve it. But that's probably something only artists would notice
Not him, but slight blemishes and texture?
What do you mean?
>>Yeah, Im not happy with that either but I cant really come up with any good idea, how do you show Avocado's?

try thinner slices arranged differently, maybe? pic-related is just an idea about slice thinnes, not for arrangement, since it would clash with the scattered look on all the other pieces.

the bigger problem for me was the amount of space the avocados slices occupy in the image. i actually had to throw the image into photoshop to make sure the product itself wasn't smaller on the avocado image compared with the rest.

also, are you the guy who posted some stuff to /gd/ ages ago? iirc it was also cosmetics stuff done in blender that was ultimately turned down by the client. if so, have the clients actually seen any version of what's you've posted yet? advertising is a shitty industry and you'll probably have to give them 20 different versions with pointless changes before they're happy (it's mostly just them trying to feel like they actually contributed to the design).
Thank you, no im not the same guy havet seen that topic.

At this moment Im working for this company, so they eat wherver I give them, they are really nice to begin with, but I just want to make really nice images for my folio.

Your slices look really appealing I was thinking about similar composition, but making that In 3D would be pain, at least for me.

The Images are done in 3ds max with Corona Renderer, I use Blender from time to time tho.

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