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This seems to be a lot better than the standard way. Where you model everything and etc.

Instead you just use modifier on very simple objects.
>boomer giving some workflow that existed for a while a flashy acronym literally no one asked for
Just boomer things.

Anyways, non-destructive modelling is incredibly nice even though I sometimes think a bit autistically about it, thinking it might make you turn more and more sloppy in your workflow. But in the end I guess it doesn't matter if the result is exactly as wanted. The biggest advantage of it I love the most of course is the ability to be able to change literally anything really quickly at every stage, so yeah, perfect for prototyping shit but if you aim to churn out game ready stuff using 2D reference, it might be faster to just do the mesh the old fashioned way from the start so you don't have to spend time retopo your shit afterwards.
I hate his videos, it's like the opposite of ASMR. It's like listening to someone with brain damage try to give an impromptu presentation with a runny nose about something he just stumbled upon while banging on a mechanical keyboard. It's fucking horrifying.
Mute it, turn on closed captions, run at desired speed.

There were plans for Blender to "make everything nodes" in particular modifiers, with the idea of a Houdini-like approach to facilitating non-destructive modeling.
I dunno what happened to that though, probably got sidelined or wasn't funded.
There was a dude that was heavily into non-destructive modeling on the blenderartists.org forums but basically he just went full Houdini.
Which is understandable, he was basically slowly rewriting an inferior Houdini into Blender for free
>Last post was one month ago and all you added was your fucking complaints

Everything nodes are still being added, just like the better fluid sim and all that other cool shit that we didn't get.
Just in 2.81 now.
only works on hard surface
Fuck off zoomer kiddie
Christ, how far did you have to scroll down to revive a thread with an observation as retarded as this? No fucking shit.
That's pretty cool, I'm not surprised stuff didn't make it into 2.8; it seems like a pretty radical overhaul occurred under the hood.
I know Blender is "still behind" but it's pretty neat to see it accelerating in catching up, and also neat that it does some things all on its own like the new grease pencil stuff that lets you very quickly sketch out a scene with quasi-3d-like doodles or do animatics

>revive a thread
That's not really how /3/ works, anywhere else it'd be necro posting but /3/ is so slow and there's slightly too many threads for how slow the board is, so if you want to talk about one narrow topic (like non-destructive procedural modifier based hard surface modeling in Blender), it's going to take a while

/3/ is basically that part in Lord of the Rings where all the Ents gather in the great moot to discuss things
Don't describe /3/ to me. I know how things work.
The point is, this shit was on it's way out and it's been bumped with nothing relevant at all. If there was discussion to be had, it would have been had.
There's a discussion taking place now, you obtuse faghopper.
One person replying to a dead thread is not a discussion.
i was watching that exact video on gumroad actually

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