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Okay so... it seems like all the places I would ask this have been shutdown because of some douchebag.

I hoping that someone here could help me figure out how to extract models from a mod for skyrim called Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants.

I only wish to make some edits to some of the meshes but, I can't for the life of me figure out how to got about it. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
You need nifskope and if the mod content is packed in an archive, you need the bethesda archive extractor. Unpack the zip/rar file of the mod, unpack the archive file if present and then navigate into the meshes folder. Look for your tree mesh. It will have the .nif extension. Open it with nifskope, select the tree mesh and go to file-> export to obj. Congratulations, you're done.
you are so lucky and got a constructive answer on 4chan dude instead of KYS or go to /v
1 question, 1 answer. Did this really need it's own thread?
You are the fucking most stupid useless person I have ever seen. I hope you see this message so you can know how worthless you are. I doubt you can because of how stupid you are though.
There are so many better fucking places to ask this.
>/tesg/ on /vg/
>the questions thread
I mean fuck how stupid are you? Just fucking Google how to extract models from bsa or whatever and you'll find a source thousands of people have done it before for fucks sake.

I don't even know what you think you can do with the models I mean you can't even use basic critical thinking how can you actually think you'll be competent enough to achieve any goal that requires any basic skills or reasoning?

Fuck. You.
God I fucking HATE nif. Worst experience possible
Save your fury. He will be back to ask part 2 of what to do with the models.
I think the fury should be directed towards you now.
This shit was on page 9. It was almost granted the sweet release of death. Last reply was 17 days ago.

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