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what software do I want to use for realistic modelling and texturing
t. current Blender User
It must be nice to be able to walk around naked, knowing no one will rape you with such a flat ass.
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the porno team was asked to leave village just 15 minutes after that shot.

also the guy looking down is the way how russians show the shame to be in the same place with you and the shame they feel for you..

in Russia the naked female will not be raped but if she refuses to wear clothes she will be catched and put into the mental care. thats where she will get raped by other crazy fucks..

that or other females from the village will come together and beat the shit out of that bitch and the porno team when police will stay and watch everything eating popcorn...
Fuck off, krotchy.
File: 15566941348750.jpg (54 KB, 772x701)
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no u

How does it feel to live in a dictatorship, kys rufag
Wtf is ”realistic” modelling? Sculpting?

You model things the same way regardless of what software you use

But texturing , Substance, quixel and mari. I'd mention 3d coat but just look at their EULA and voice page. Probably good software, shame about the people behind it.
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And which porno would this be.
Stop biting the bait you retards. It's from a modelling agency. The girl is Sveta and the set name is "nude in Russia: deep into Russian country" set 3.

Here's a link:
vipergirls dot to/threads/2438794-Sveta-S-Set03-Deep-Russian-Country-2008-03-28
Why are there no Russians?
That should give you a clue. Without Russia we wouldn't have won the war, but D-Day only involved the Allied side.

If Russia didn't exist there wouldn't have been the war since nazism rose up as a reaction to communism
Communism wasn't first theorized in Russia. Any other country where the capitalist/extractive class ruled freely could have served as a cradle for practical communism.

yet we have this festering shithole
do you use all 3? if not which is preferrable?

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