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Hello! For the past days I've been searching for some program that allows a scanning of a certain model that I found in the internet. The model in the video is a turntable one (just like in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6d6PlHqMLk) that I'd like to "port" into a mesh for my PERSONAL USE.

At first, I downloaded the video and took screenshots of every frame, after that, I tried some programs like Regard3D, VirtualSFM or Metashape but I noticed that I was too dumb to understand them. Even with that, am I in the right direction in using these programs?

I really need some tips.
To expand in the second paragraph; I took pictures of each frame to catch every part possible of the model and then, import them into the programs. Needless to say that I don't know what to do.
hopefully not for animation as the results from that tend to be so shitty that you would save time by learning to model and redoing the models from scratch.
Yes, I've testing this https://alicevision.github.io/ with different results sometimes works great and others is a piece of shit, you could try it, I use it mostly for retopo and pose because the output is shit, you have to extract the frames, sometimes scale them make the program works better, and all is slow af
That .webm of yours looks great! Was it a model that you imported?
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Yes, that was scanned with https://alicevision.github.io/ , it works with some youtube videos, I had good results with these guys https://www.youtube.com/user/denofimagination?app=desktop and with others the output is really bad. I use pictures from warhammer's viewer too, that was made with 800x800 pictures from here
I think I scaled the pictures x4. you usually have good results from 50 pictures don't use more than 150, and i haven't tested the latest version.
Great. The program says that the screenshots are missing some details such as sensor width, focal lenght and camera model. Since my pictures are obviously screenshots, what should I write in it?
Camera model isn't needed, you can rerender the images in blender to get that values, use the default settings
marmoset toolbag has this built in

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