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Hello! My team and I are working on an animal crossing fangame. We are in need of more people who can do 3D modelling and animation! If you have the time and or willingness to work on such a project in your free time, your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in participating, please join this discord and discuss with us: https://discord.gg/wP3Pbh.
What's your budget?
>nintendo fans
>please give me free rigs and animations
>I need you to give your work to me for free
get the game completed with dummy models, then adjust accordingly. also, >>>/r/ >>>/wsr/
t. dissected new leaf, city folk, and gamecube

the terrain in the games with curved worlds isn't a shader, the terrain is actually curved.
i can't remember what the diameter was off my head but each segment in new leaf is 512 units wide, and covers 60* of a full circle and the downtown area in new leaf uses a larger diameter curve than the town.

both city folk and new leaf used mask textures for the grass deterioration.
>animal crossing fangame

Why? That's retarded.

Make your own thing and make money from it. It can even be a complete ripoff of AC, it doesn't matter.

Don't just set yourself up to be shut down after putting in time and effort, that's stupid.

i see people making this same mistake all the time and its disappointing desu
Invite is dead
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invite is dead, i beg someone get back to me here. I'm a 3d animation student and i'd really love to take part to improve my skills, if you can get @ me my discord is: o t t e r #3313 (with the dumb spaces) THANKS
If it's an open source thing, I also would like to participate
Link the git's project and maybe i'll join
Network/wb(Backend) & software dev

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