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Alright lads.

I just wrapped my head around UVs and now they stack and are called UDIMs instead, or something like that.

The program I'm trying to port this to doesn't support those however.

All the tiles are using the same texture. Can I unstack the islands somehow and get a regular old single texture out of it? I've been trying to wrap my head around it for several hours now, but I'm too retarded.

tl;dr: udim unsupported, how get regular texture out of it?
File: udim_tiles.png (42 KB, 495x485)
42 KB
negro, you can't just stack all your uvs into a single tile and call it a udim. that's not a udim. pic-related is what udims allow i.e. multiple uv tiles per object.

to begin to start fixing your shit, select all your uv shells, then in the uv toolkit go to 'Arrange and Layout' and hit layout. Then look into fixing your texel density.

stay away from udims, you don't know what you're doing.

A Udim would be multiple of those squares you have. So you already have what you want.


It looks like hair uv's so they already look ok. I have seen worse.
udims are for textures sets with color/mat id's assigned, faggot. in essence they are high budget for higher resolution textures.
udims will just generate separate texture sets based on udim tile numbering, you don't need to assign color or mat ids

>they are high budget for higher resolution textures.
fucking obvs dipshit
the problem is you didn't actually wrapped your head around UV's or you would know that this clusterfuck you created is absolutely unusable.
With or without UDIMs.
You have to do a proper unwrap first.
File: 2019-06-03 22_51_23-.png (84 KB, 711x713)
84 KB
>stay away from udims, you don't know what you're doing.

Shit, I thought that much was obvious. It's a ripped mesh that came like this.

I accomplished what I was trying to do by making the worst UV layout in history.
>you don't need to assign color or mat ids
you still need to assign them otherwise they go NO WHERE, shit face.
File: 2.jpg (75 KB, 1505x781)
75 KB
add some padding around the edges so it doesnt overlap into the other squares
they go nowhere? with UDIMs your textures are numbered so they automatically go in the right spot.

If your head's island is on u1v1, your texture should be called skinDiffuse_u1v1. There's no need for mat ID.
This thread will not die.

Through the power of Jesus Christ, who uses Blender 2.8, this thread is now RESSURRECTED
>Through the power of Jesus Christ, who uses Blender 2.8
do not take the Lord's name in vain
>Jesus Christ, who uses Blender 2.8
Now I understand why it took him three days to undo that last operation.

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