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Has anyone here ever used any game files with the .nif extension?

I've tried everything I can to get usable meshes from these game files, but so far I've only been able to preview them in nifskope.

The author of niftools doesn't exactly leave intuitive instructions on how to use his plugins or software, and as such, I haven't been able to install them for either 3ds max or blender.

The latest nifskope application is the only one that can open the files I have, and even then, it can't open all of them, and the ones it can open, it can't export.

From what I've learned, it is better to use a plugin for your chosen mesh editor and import them directly, as some information is lost if you choose to export directly from nifskope.
Not that I can anyway.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Picture is one of the files previewed in nifskope
Click on NiNode and find the mesh in there. You can then choose to export it to .obj.
File: maven hair2.png (465 KB, 1920x1080)
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465 KB PNG
I gave that a try.
I clicked the NiMesh in the hierarchy, which then highlighted the mesh in the edit window.

But when I clicked file, the options for import/export are greyed out.
I've been watching videos on using nifskope, still haven't figured this out.
Ok, I finally figured out a work around.
Don't bother with niftools or anything to do with it.
It looks like the developer has dropped it and not touched it for a year.

For anyone else having problems, just use Noesis.

Noesis works just fine. I had no idea it could process nif files.

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