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File: g502-lightspeed-hero.png (2.78 MB, 3000x1246)
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2.78 MB PNG
IMO if we could have the G502 wireless, add the m720 triple device capability, and also add the G600 side buttons. We then would have the perfect mouse for 3d work.

G502 has buttons to change the DPI, that I use when I want more precision.
G502 has infiinte scroll function, which helps when you need to scroll quickly in or out..

The m720 triple device capability would be perfect to control more than one PC at the same time. You could easily switch between multiple rendering computers.

G600 side buttons would be absolutely perfect for blender, you could map the entire keypad on the side of the mouse. Which you could then use those buttons to change the camera view.

Anything else you guys would want to add?
File: makevr.jpg (32 KB, 616x347)
32 KB
A thread died for this
3 button mouse, no weird scroll mode, small, high precision, still fast scroll.

Only add two lateral buttons.
What do you use the two lateral buttons for? I bought a gAmEr mouse the other day, though it's basic bitch stuff, basically a mouse with two extra buttons on the side. I struggled to find a use for them in Maya for instance.
binds, also back/forward in browsers and file explorer
File: sharkk-mouse.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
My wrist used to hurt from all of my panning and zooming, so I needed one of these. Felt weird at first then once I got used to the position I haven't looked back. Still use traditional mice too, this one is just for my 3D work.
>You could easily switch between multiple rendering computers
Why would this be a common circumstance? There's Deadline, and others, for managing distributed rendering.
>and others

Not if you are alone and also a one man army.
I have a long time belief that the ultimate precision mouse, both for gaming and for art, would need to have two major features that I've never seen executed on a commercial product.

When you're drawing a line with your hand the natural thing to do is to use the tip of your index finger right?
But the sensor on all mouses on the market is located somewhere underneath your palm. Let that sink in.

Imagine just how much more accurate your wrist and finger movements would be if the mouse's sensor was located directly underneath the tip of your index finger.
The location of the sensor on mouses is more a function of where there's room to place it rather than where it oughta be located.

The other thing is that the index finger click surface needs to be cupped so you can click by applying mechanical pressure in the direction your dragging the cursor.
I've re-tooled the surface on my mouse this way and for me it does a lot for ergonomics.
>a one man army.
It's precisely in that case when one benefits the most from automation. Having to manually manage each computer where you distribute your rendering is a chore and a loss of time.
File: 518Yfsl9oVL._SY355_.jpg (18 KB, 355x355)
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File: images.jpg (5 KB, 207x243)
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File: images (9).jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
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Simple and works well.
Once you get used to setting the same kind of action to the same button across softwares too it becomes very easy to swap software's.
Geez this may be the single smartest thing I've read on 4chan.

Why don't they do that??

Interesting, now how would a unclean gaijin go about getting his paws on this one 10 years later?
File: 15586502609470.jpg (34 KB, 304x181)
34 KB
is this thing anything more than a meme mouse? ive been curious about getting one, but it looks so absurd that i feel like id use it for 10 min and then throw it to the side
They're worse in terms of precision and there is no reason to get one unless you have problems with your arm.
But if you experience the onset or have a fucked up carpal tunnel they'll keep your radius and ulna at a pretty neutral angle
so the tendons underneath your forearm don't compress the median nerve and will allow you to keep using the computer without making it any worse.

Wearing a tennis wrist band on your mouse arm is a cheaper solution that'll allow you to keep using a normal mouse unless you're far gone.
File: TYJys8M.gif (1.19 MB, 200x200)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
I can model for longer periods of time using one of these vs a traditional mouse. Feels like my arm and wrist are being lazier when I use one. Definitely not for everyone and as already stated; more for wrist problems/comfort than anything else.
>Wearing a tennis wrist band on your mouse arm is a cheaper solution
True. Yet you can find the mouse for like 20 bucks. Different brands with same knock off design as low as 10 bucks probably.
>no weird scroll mode

bitch, fast scroll on the g502 is fucking AMAZING. No mouse that can scroll fast compares with its like spinning rubber ring on a bearing. It's extremely fast and smooth. You can easily get to top and bottoms of long lists and web pages. Best option ever.
Y tho? Keyboards have Home and End keys for that, and they are faster.
jesus christ
File: 1548776789514.jpg (59 KB, 960x902)
59 KB
/3/ invents a new mouse.

put me in the screen cap!

by the way i thought of the way back in 2002. i even started making my on shitty blueprint. shall i upload it?
It basically doesnt matter where the sensor is, if you imagine the sensor is underneath your index and dont tilt the mouse the end result wouldnt be different.
The sensor is at the center so that when you twist the mouse it doesnt fly all over the screen
File: tipglove.png (12 KB, 904x457)
12 KB
I call it T.I.P.S

File: 41+jMxk1umL._SX425_.jpg (17 KB, 425x326)
17 KB
i use this and bind a lot of hotkeys in various programs to it, works well for me.
Picked up one that looks like that (silvercrest brand) at Lidl the other day for €12.49
Ended up having to do a 12 hour work session all-nighter that night, hand didn't cramp up once. It's now my fault driver instead of my G502. I just wish it was heavier, had better dpi control, and ran off a lithium ion. Considered opening it up to add weights but the screws are under the sticky feet.
Still, pretty good for the price. Never would have even considered this shape of mouse but there's no G502-like wireless mouse out there and I didn't realise it was this shape before I bought it.
Shit, forgot pic.
Yeah these. I have a G600 personally. Having shortcuts under your thumb at all times is the best.
File: google.com.jpg (4 KB, 146x139)
4 KB
lol i love it
File: chair.jpg (166 KB, 981x1500)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
whack one of these on the side of a chair and you don't need much electronics on the glove and it would lower wrist and arm strain
File: 71n-GugWwDL._SY679_.jpg (15 KB, 446x679)
15 KB
This is just a bunch of bullshit
You don't need ""infinite scroll"" what the fuck does this even mean?
Also why is changing the DPI in real time important on a design interface? This isn't gaming.

Just get a basic 3 button mouse (plus a couple of extra buttons if you fancy them) and that's it.

>Even a simple mouse like the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900 is just O.K.
>No super laser memes, just 3 buttons and classic design, 15Euros

An ultra-featured mouse will not magically increase your productivity / creativity

>But But muh bluetrack laser!
Get a mousepad
>But But my bluetooth!!
Usb>Radio Wireless>Bluetooth
>But But my carpal tunnel
Learn the grip or finger mouse grab, i.e. YOU ARE HOLDING IT WRONG
>But But, Muh 43 extra buttons!
Your keyboard literally has 100 buttons for shortcuts, Multiply that by SHIFT+CTRL+ALT Combinations
>Muh Drawings!! and precisions!!!
>But But, Muh Infinite sideways scroll to vector speed to screen aspect ratio!!
You are just retarded at this point.
top kek
>Infinite scroll
It's just a flywheel.
Ya but the hard part is making the mouse register every so many degrees as a scroll action. And the mechanism is patented so no company can just produce their own, you need to DIY this.
File: 1550618580891.jpg (16 KB, 868x488)
16 KB
Pure boomer product.

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