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how do you import 3d objects to After Effects?
is the only option to have cinema 4d, or to buy 200 dollars plugin from copilot, or Im just retarded beyond any help?
Just use Fusion and Resolve. Fuck Adobe. And nodes are superior to layers, anyway.
Fuck off and die. I hope you never get an answer to your question you thread killing retard
it looks interesting, but I have a feeling its more for movie FX, I just need some simple shit for motion design

I'll give it a look anyway if I won't find a way to figure it out in AE
it comes with cinema4d lite use that
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ok, thank you it worked, I was able to import my file made in 3ds to cinema and it updated, now I just need to learn basics of cinema4d to create some simple animation with my models
Nah man you're not retarded, or perhaps you are and I am too. I was in a similar situation.

Don't just rely on the C4D plug-in to do everything. Unless you really fuck around in the comp settings, you might run into trouble when it comes to multipass and baking.

From Cinema 4d, render your files in a PNG sequence with transparency, and then import that as a sequence into after effects. Adjust the comp to the right frame rate, and you're good to go. You don't even need cinema 4d to do this, you can use blender or any package. I find that it renders faster this way anyway. The plug-in is only good to get an idea of how it will look in the comp, the real work happens in the 3d software anyway.
I was thinking about adding some simple 3d objects and add grainy shading in AE, something that looks like results of using "gigantic grain brushes" on flat designs in illustrator, here is example of what I mean, and for that I dont think you could just import already rendered sequence

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