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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for 3D printed projects, but I'll try anyways.
I'm looking to make a small 3D printed object, diameter around 6 cm, and made to look like a relic from the game Doom 2016.
Video related: https://youtu.be/Gj7wB8yqqcA
Each of the faces can be separated and they are held together by small neodymium magnets embedded in the pieces.
Inspiration from: http://www.sciencewithinreach.com/product/self-assembly-virus-kit/

My questions are:
Is requesting a model making service to make them for me worth it, or should I learn how to model by myself?
What kind of software would allow me to rip the relic model from the game to inspect in more detail?
What kind of material or printing method would be best suited for these pieces, assuming I want them to be a bit heavy and tough?
i think /diy/ has a 3D printer thread
ye they do, but so should we
Hello op,
Well to your questions
1: it depends on what application you have. When you only want a 3d model once in a time, it could be wasteful to invest your time to learn 3d design, especially if you want to go the legal way, the software can cost up to 100k€. So a service would be the way to go. 2 ripping game content is not always worth it, often what you see doesn't look nearly as good as a ripped model. For example the skyrim gold coin is basically only a decakon, the model would be really useless. 3: as for material, when you want a finished product, you should use a sls print service. Ussualy you print in nylon 6 or 12 with 100% infill. If you want the models to be heavy, you can leave please for inserts and yust insert one or more. Nuts, oder let it print in plaster.

For "simple" jobs like these you could post a request on a forum with a bounty of maybe 10€ and someone will likely design it for you. Or ask on 4chan, maybe someone with the tools and too much free time might do it for free. A few years back I did it, it took about a week till someone send me de stl file.
As for the tool to design your own 3d stuff, you can use solidworks or fusion 360, fusion offers a hobbyist version for free, but you may not sell the products and the software works server based.
8f your models are rather artistic in nature, you don't need expensive cad tools which are made for industrial applications, but rather you can use blender, which is free. In blender it is more difficult to produce accurate parts like the model of a 3d printer, but easier to design organic forms.
Thanks for the replies.
I guess I'll try to learn blender as I want to put different glyphs on each of the faces, and I doubt someone will want to do all of that for free.

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