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Very fucking high from wayyy too much cookies. About 4 hours in, calmed down after a horrible freakout which lasted almost 3 hours. AMA
Again a thread dies due to someone posting on a wring board...
Have you tried Blender? It's awesome!
what do you think caused his horrible freakout?
I only smoke. I know exactly when and how much it hits and I can use that to work on 3d stuff.
Probably a maya crash, he should try 2.8
2.8 what?
File: 1533857634738.jpg (114 KB, 640x640)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
OP here, very sorry about that, was supposed to post to >>>/b/ but fucking Clover opens with /3/ as the first board.

Absolutely horrible experience, although I got over the bad part. Still feel wasted today, hopefully this will pass. Now might be a good time to say no to drugs. At one point a 13 minute span felt literally like some 5-10 hours, blew my fucking mind. Was throwing up and melting into the toilet floor.
Pot's for pussies. Do some good drugs like dissociative anesthetics
Just say ket u amateur, also you make it sound like there's multiple in circulation when MXE is near impossible to find, deschloro is just shitter ket (not quite a parallel to 1p-lsd and acid) don't really know too much about pcp, doesn't really sound predictable and seems to induce manic states at a frightening rate
Dxm is eh

But yeah if ur mental state is that shit you can't handle fuckin cookies (the weakest psych) then you need to give yourself a psychological slap and splash some cold water on ya face kidda

But u do sound like a pussy, killed a thread cause u too mongy to read lol

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