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Hey guys so i have been using daz for a few months now (planning and starting to use c4d and other stuff instead in the future) and i have an issue with install manager basically i used to crack shit from torrent and just put it in the install manager folder and i would download itself like i bought it from the daz shop but lately that doesen t seem to work anymore when i put cracks in the download folder they don t install like they used to i even tried to install old cracks from my windows to my mac and shit still doesen t work

Is it because of an updare or smth???
(Btw what do you think of my pic)
I'm not sure what you mean
The install manager is for installing downloaded content (it doesnt matter if its from torrents or anywhere) into the library
what cracks are you talking about ? Daz studio only needs a serial number
you need to set up the installer correcly that it points to your content (MyLibrary) usually
That's what i did i used to download stuff from piratebay like figures etc... and drag the .rar file in the download folder of install manager then i would open install manager and it used to start downloading the file i just put there but now it stopped doing that for some reason and idk why
When i said crack i meant the torrent files like the figures objects etc...
>When i said crack i meant the torrent files like the figures objects etc...
these are not cracks its content because it has no exe
well, you can still install the rar file manually into your content directory if manager doesnt work
use WINRAR or 7zip
I still don't really understand what the problem your having is.
I put all my content into the same default folder and just checking, install manager still works fine.
Basically instal manager doesen t want to install content that isn t bought directly from the daz shop anymore
Install manager just doesen t detect content that isn t directly from the daz shop anymore
it has no way of knowing that
it's just the naming format has to be correct like
IM000xxxxx-xx_XXXX.zip and the manifest etc
In the daz general thread, theres a mega with install manger creator that you need to use for stuff not from daz store for easy installs.
Can you link me to the thread please ?
god damn you are retarded
Thanks for the help !!!
holy fuck i have been just exporting the files directly in to daz by dragging and dropping the files in to the folder? am i retarded? How do i get the fucking files to show up in DIM?

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