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File: 3dArtIceberg.png (601 KB, 1200x675)
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Let's build that
Wings 3d
Shade 3d
Deep 3d
Animation MASTER
Strata Studio PRO
What I mean with this pic is that everything underneath the water is not visible to the viewer, but is necessary. But at the same time all this effort is worthless if you cant do things listed at the top. I just made tge pic to remind myself what I need to do, and what I can skip sometimes to save time
Another thread died for this
I think it's rightly informative. Saved.
thanks for the laugh
I'm pretty new (about 5 months) into 3d art and game design. What would you guys say is the hardest thing to learn on that list? I've just started working with rigging and animation and I find it pretty hard compared to material/asset design.
the hardest thing to learn on that list?

erm.. getting a job that pays you to do what you like to do?
File: iceberg3.jpg (1.36 MB, 1580x1962)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
decide how it ends
File: 1558724300417.jpg (575 KB, 1580x1962)
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575 KB JPG

Shoes in zbrush are easy. Glad I stopped poly modelling them.
low poly modelling is one of the hardest, if not most difficulty part of modelling, putting it up there means i know youre a fucking /beg/
>Hand Painting Normal Maps
>GoldSrc Machinima
>using a real-life Blender to generate a fucking hologram
>generating 10D k-noids via Samaritan scripting
>running Houdini on a megacore-supercomputer that's powered by the spiritual energy of Houdini's ghost
>animating a cat that's simultaneously alive and dead
well it depends what kind
Migrates his studio to metasequoia
Terragen for rendering character animations
MMD motion graphics
Writing a python script to interface with a FORTRAN physics simulator written in 1996
Stop-motion mocap
3D printing a clone of himself to meet deadlines
Outsources to the US
Compositing using film, a razor blade and a magnifying glass

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