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I want to animate clothes being ripped off, and characters transforming. Such as their skeletal being changed (along with the rig/bones)

It's 2019, do we have ANY examples of this being implemented well enough yet? In fact, I don't think I ever seen an animation of someone taking their clothes off. The transition is never animated. I am starting to believe it might not EVER be possible.
nigga what do you think clothing simulations are for, and if not that its easy as fuck to rig
"Real" ripping fabric can be done with sims, but it might be easier and more controllable to cheat with other methods, depending on how stylized you want the the effect to be.
>It's 2019, do we have ANY examples of this being implemented well enough yet?
Yeah, in the 2003 movie Hulk.
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Its not an animation they just recorded it retard
>retards calling other people retards
It's typically really hard to do these things in-camera because:

1: anything more complex than a basic shirt or dress usually entails belts, buckles, embroidery that is of a different material than the dress, and typically stuff that has complex interactions with the mesh (a piece of cloth tucked between a belt and skin for instance). Doing sims on that is already a nightmare, how would you even start to rig it? Put bones on every single square inch of the fabric to control it? What would such a rig even look like?

2: it's far easier and more efficient to fake it, have a dressed and undressed model, pan the camera down and show some cloth falling along with some noise. It gets the message across.

If you want to do porn shit where some basic cloths get ripped to expose an innocent cunny, I think it's possible and if you could pull it off it'd be fairly impressive. But that's a job for a team of people, and one guy would be your designated sims enthusiast. Hard to imagine being able to do this alone.
>Hard to imagine being able to do this alone.
>some basic cloths get ripped to expose an innocent cunny
Technically demanding, aesthetically pleasing, and overall impressive. The perfect idea for a portfolio piece.
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falling for le epic bait
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Take my advice with a grain of salt, im a complete SFM/3D noob, I have come here to ask my questions but I'd have an idea for you:

I dont have "Animation" Skills but I do some video editing.

How about you record the clothes ripping with an actual camera?
Add some tracker dots to the shirt you would like to rip and film yourself ripping it apart.

Idk how to do this but with the tracking points you could somehow convert this to an animation?

probably a retarded way, but its creative and not impossible c:
I did something like that maybe 10 years ago but it was mostly some fuckery with separately rigged clothing pieces and a lot of blendshapes

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