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So I wanna create "educational content" in VR (stereoscopic if possible)

I learned the SFM Basics and figured out how to make a 360 Render, it looks quite neat. Im currently experimenting with 360 degree Stereoscopic rendering

Anyways, I realized that SFM is outdated and not being updated anymore.

Is blender better? It seems more complicated.

Should I switch?

(pic related)
Shit, the reddit spacing was not intentional, please forgive me ;_;
SFM for fast render time Blender for quality
(better shader setup)
Christ almighty, the SFM look in full effect.

My opinion: do NOT use Source. Even if you're just fucking around, it's hopelessly outdated (it was originally envisioned as a way to create TF2 machinima or something). The shaders suck, the rendering looks drab and shitty, like the entire colorspace got washed out. The animation tools are supposedly the shining point of the software, but it doesn't serve to prop up everything else. Invest your time in Maya, Blender, UE4, Unity, it doesn't really matter if all you wanna do is renders, except SFM is the last thing you should use.
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Haha SFM itself renders fast, but I have to do a nasty workaround where I need to record the same shot from 6 or 12 different angles, and then render this stuff in blender go get VR.
It takes ages D:

I guess it's time to learn blender now
Do the blender models also work in the other engines? Any recommendation? Is blender ok? Everyone here seems to hate it
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SFM is way better than Blender.
Any model works in almost any engine or software so long as you export an OBJ or FBX.
>Do the blender models also work in the other engines? Any recommendation? Is blender ok? Everyone here seems to hate it
Part of the hate is because of how established Maya is. But the program does have some legitimate flaws (UI, UV and rigging tools especially) that may or may not be addressed in 2.8.

If you want, you can try converting rigs over to FBX and importing them into another program and try re-rigging them.
(citation required)
Hating on Blender is a meme, it's really good and better in some areas but not quite mature in others.

Basically anything you can imagine, you can create in Blender though. Models, animations, shaders, sky's the limit. It also has a built in video editor and stuff, if you wanna use that. Don't know anything about it though.

It's made for general use, meaning you can export your stuff to a ton of different formats for games/editing/whatever.
It's not any less capable than any of the other software, some tasks are just a little bit more annoying to complete, but it's getting better by the day.

Blender is agile and basically anything you can think of you can create. Fluid simulations, physics, particles, hair, has it all pretty much. If you wanna see what people have made just head over to artstation.com, search and click the +Add filter and type in software and then select Blender.
The Renders look a gazillion times better than SFM
Now has the Eevee render engine which is realtime so basically SFM but looks better and has more features.
Blender is stronger than ever while SFM is abandonware used in conjuction with the Source engine which is ancient.

Takes a bit of time to get the hang of though but the experience carries over to other software and such.
Right now the next HUGE blender update is still in beta so it'll change a bit over the next couple of weeks.
Takes a little bit more horsepower

Quick to learn
Works on computers older than the universe itself
Renders are quick af
Only has like 1/100000 of the features, so it's simple and intuitive

SFM Renders look terrible and dated
You're at the mercy of the community, SFM is not modelling software like Blender so you cant create and customize things the way you can in Blender.

In summary: SFM is a remenant from the past, use it to get your feet wet but switch to Blender when you feel comfortable.

Pic related, it's a photoshopped Blender render
Wow, it looks like an image.
Thanks for the advice :)

How about I practive more with SFM until 2.8 EEVEE comes out?
I wish theres a quick tutorial for Animators only to animate from SFM to Blender.
Sounds like your best option

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